French Language Course

French Language Course Details

French language is regarded as one of the most romantic languages across the world especially in the Indo-European families which have descended from the Latin language. French language is spoken in more than 42 countries and there are more than 300 million French speakers around the world. After English, it is the most widely spoken language in the world. Therefore, French language courses are taught along with the English language in schools. Even in India, a lot of national and international schools have started teaching the French language right from the 3rd or 4th standard and students take it as a second language in their 10th Class Board Exams.

French Language Course Offerings at ITESKUL

ITESKUL is Pune's best French language training institute with a variety of courses catering to your needs. Our highly qualified and experienced team of French language experts help participants develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills such that the language skills become a lifelong asset. The unique opportunity to learn all levels of the course from native French speakers makes the course interesting and challenging at the same time. Choose from our variety of French language class offerings from the below:

Standard Courses: General language courses following the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) having 6 levels-A1 (basic) to C2 (advanced).

Exam Preparation Courses: Customized Courses to prepare you for International Certification Exams including ECL, DELF/DALF, TEF (Canada) exams. French courses for school students appearing for IGSCE, ICSE and CBSE Exams

Courses for Individuals and Groups: Choose our individual classes to learn at your preferred time and location. Our group classes are customized as per your personal or business needs to ensuring maximal learning.

Specialized Courses: Advance your French abilities through our French speaking and writing courses. Develop necessary skills to become a trainer, translator or interpreter

Upcoming Batches

Course Start Date Schedule Timings
 French A1  10/2/2020  Mon to Thu  1.45pm to 3.45pm
 French A1  9/2/2020  Sat and Sun  10am to 1pm
 French A2  10/2/2020  Mon to Thu  10am to 12pm
 French A2  10/2/2020  Mon to Thu  2pm to 4pm
 French A2  17/2/2020  Mon to Fri 8am to 10am
 French B1  15/2/2020  Sat and Sun 10am to 1pm

Level of difficulty as compared to English

Speaking Moderate
Grammar Moderate
Writing Moderate Easy
Overall Difficulty Moderate

How can French Language Course Help in Your Career?

Pursuing basic and advanced level French language courses provide options for higher education in international universities, travel and career opportunities in France, Canada and other Francophone countries. Since MNCs have their businesses setup all over the world, a lot of jobs are available at these companies every year. India, being a country with high foreign investment, has been a preferred destination lot of French companies- learning French can help you land that illusive job opportunity. French being an official language of Canada, learning French can help you expedite your immigration and residency process.


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