German Language Course

Why German?

If you are looking at learning an international language that is used extensively across the globe, has ample career and learning opportunities, and is also more or less like English, choose German. German speaking countries together make the biggest economy in Europe and German companies are manufacturers of some of the world’s best engineering marvels. India is one of their growing markets and the reason why German language translators, German interpreters and German trainers have been in demand and will continue to be.

Course details:

German language course has six levels – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2. This is as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Language

   Level                      Outcome  Duration
German A1 course  Understanding and communication of basic familiar expressions, self-introduction. Develop ability to respond to simple questions 70 Hours
German A2 course  Understanding and communication of daily situations related to personal and professional. life Can speak briefly about simple everyday topics such as visiting a restaurant, departmental store, traveling. 70 Hours
German B1 course  Requires a solid understanding of grammar topics covered in the previous levels. Develop the ability to communicate on all topics related to school, work and leisure time. 80 Hours
German B2 course Understanding of literary texts and articles from newspapers, magazines. Develop ability to confidently communicate with native speakers and express thoughts and opinions on various issues B2.1- 60 Hours
B2.2- 80 Hours
German C1 course Develop an ability to understand complex text covering a variety of aspects including German literature and culture.  Ability to communicate spontaneously and clearly on the variety of topics using complex statements and grammatical structures. 120 Hours

Upcoming Batches                                               

Course Start Date Schedule Timings
German A1  10/2/2020 Monday to Friday  2.30pm to 4.30pm
German A1  24/2/2020 Monday to Friday  7pm to 8.30pm
German A1  8/2/2020 Saturday and Sunday  12pm to 3pm
German A2  12/2/2020 Monday to Friday  7.30pm to 9pm
German A2  9/2/2020 Saturday and Sunday 9am to 12pm
German B1  12/2/2020 Monday to Friday  6pm to 7.30pm
German B2.2  18/2/2020 Monday to Friday  12pm to 2pm

Level of Difficulty (Compared to English)

Speaking Difficult
Grammar Moderate
Writing Moderate
Overall Difficulty Moderate


More reasons to learn the German language

1. Option to work full time or part-time

Very few skills provide you an option to choose between part time and full-time work. Language professionals (German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese) mostly facilitate communication and need not work for a fixed 9 to 5 job all the time.

You can choose to work as a German language freelancer, and that way work with multiple German or Indian companies and garner experience on multiple type of assignments. You could be working for some of the world’s top companies as German interpreters, German translators, German corporate trainers or tutors. All this without having to sit at the desk full-time.

2. Lucrative salaries

German as a language rewards quality professionals. If you are a German language expert, then be assured for a stable career and a stable source of income.

3. It can also be a second source of income

Learning German can be a great investment from the point of view of having a second source of income. Even if you have a few hours that can be managed from your current occupation into the German requirement, you can make a good amount of money.

4. Work with ease and at your own pace

As a German language freelancer, you can work with ease and at your own pace. Take up German assignments as per your schedule and needs.

5. Knowledge of German can lead to better salaries and bonuses

Today, job seekers and even job holders need to have a lot more skills to survive and grow in their respective fields. If you are aspiring to work with an MNC that is German or has German clients or is about to grow into a German territory, knowing the German language will definitely help you stand out from your peers.

6. Positions you for promotions and higher-level positions

Professionals who are equipped with German language skills often overcome the common communication barriers with their foreign national superiors, as they can express more freely and put across their views more forthrightly in the common language - German, their chances of promotions and higher-level positions get brighter.   

7. When travelling to the country, Germany, knowing German will help you communicate with the natives in their own language

If you are travelling to any city in Germany, knowing German will help you communicate with the natives there and get your way around especially during difficult situations.

8. When travelling to a country for education, increases your employment chances there

If you are going to Germany for education, knowing German is imperative. Knowing the German language will enable better understanding of the course and curriculum, better communication with the professors there. After you course it will be almost a mandatory requirement at every company that you will be applying for

9. Helps you make friends in a foreign country

Not knowing a common language is a huge hindrance to making conversations and can have a negative impact on your social life. Speaking in German will help you have conversations with whoever you want, and that way help you make friends

10. Learning a language also introduces you to new culture and traditions

Germany has been the birth ground of many great leaders, poets, artists and craftsmen. Your German language training will give you a great deal of insight into the history and culture of this great country



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