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Japanese Language Course

Japanese Language Course
Japanese Language Course Details 
Japanese (Nihongo日本語) writing system has two sets of alphabet called Hiragana (is used for grammatical and function words, as well as miscellaneous other native words) and Katakana (it is used for transcription of foreign language words into Japanese and the writing of loan words ).Japanese makes extensive use of Chinese characters, or Kanji (漢字), in its writing system, and a large portion of its vocabulary is borrowed from Chinese.

Attributes of the Japanese Language


Japanese language knows very few pronunciations as well as sounds. Therefore, learning the Japanese language is relatively easy as compared to the other languages, especially for the new learners. However, the Japanese accent is relatively difficult than the other languages but easier than the Chinese language.


As compared to the other languages, the Japanese language is fairly easy when it comes to gender articles and distinction between the singular as well as plural. Further, the conjugation rules are relaxed and are not bound to any exceptions of adjectives as well as verbs.

Levels of Speech

There are various levels of expression which differ when one talks to a person elder to you and for the individual who is younger than you in age. Also, the figure of speech varies when you speak to your friend and when you speak to your family members.

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