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English is truly a global language, especially in today’s corporate world. Whether you are a student or a working professional, a solid foundation in English has become a necessity not only to connect with to people across the globe, but also to develop skills that go beyond knowing the language. Having strong English communication skills - be it reading, speaking or writing - are key to perform well in all spheres of life and succeed in any situation such as group discussions, business and professional presentations, job interviews etc.


Are you looking to?

* Succeed at that job interview?
* Get promoted or receive that salary premium in your current job?
* Travel abroad for higher studies?
* Gain fluency and develop confidence in your current English communication skills?

ITESKUL provides the best English and Communication skills courses in Pune



Why should you learn English at ITESKUL?

* Courses designed to utilize English skills effectively in all situations and environments
* Learning focused to develop grammar and vocabulary skills required in day to day conversations
* Highly qualified and experienced trainers who conduct task-based learning and personality development exercises to improve fluency in the language along with self confidence
* Placement assistance after successful course completion








       English Grammar


Tenses, Active and Passive Voice, Parts of Speech

   10 Hours

       English Communication Skills


Vocabulary Development, Sentence Construction, Application of Grammar and Vocabulary to communicate in different situations.

   40 Hours

       English Personality Development & Public Speaking 


Extempore and Group Discussions, Presentation Techniques, Business Correspondence, Meeting Etiquette and Personal Interview techniques.

   20 Hours


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